Week #40 Announced - Chiropractor

It was great to spend a week at home over the Christmas holiday with family and friends. My cousin asked me at Christmas dinner how long I would be in town for. "I am programmed to do everything for only one week," I said. Banff 014My first job of the New Year will be working at a Family Chiropractic Office in Banff, Alberta. The town of Banff is surrounded by huge mountains all around and is located in a National Park so there is a lot of protected wild life roaming around. It is a beautiful area and the clinic has large windows on both sides with a great view of the snow covered mountains.

This week I will be accompanying Dr. Shawna Biegel as she treats clients, and helping with client exercises, paperwork, reception, and learning about the philosophy of rehabilitation. At the clinic she also provides acupuncture, physio, and massage therapy... Looks like I am going to be in good hands this week!