Heading Up The Hill At Last?

Sean and KenyanYesterday we were unable to go up to the summit of Mauna Kea because of the weather. Apparently it was white-out conditions at the top. Then today, for the first time since we arrived, the sun made an appearance. It is supposed to be good weather again tomorrow so hopefully we can re-schedule our visit to the observatories. With the clouds lifting today we finally got our first glimpse of the enormous snow capped mountain... not the typical sight you expect to see in Hawaii. We saw some live pictures taken at the top this morning and it looks beautiful!

Today we were back in schools delivering presentations with the Journey Through The Universe program. After which we headed to a pot luck dinner with all the scientists who are involved in the program this week. We met some really nice people and have an open invitation to visit an observatory tomorrow night. Let's hope the weather will hold out this time!