Week #51 Announced - Canadian Air Force

CF-18 HornetThis week I am working with the Canadian Air Force in Trenton, Ontario. I will be stationed at 8 Wing Trenton which is the biggest Air Force Wing in Canada. I will get to see many facets of the Air Force throughout the week as each day I am scheduled to experience a different department.

I am really excited about the opportunity to see what working with the Canadian Forces is like. It is a profession I don't think many seriously consider as a career option coming out of school.

In the email with my schedule for the week, a post script note written by the Major caught my attention. It was addressed to the Sky Hawk Captain and asked if a tandem jump could be arranged. Yikes! I jumped off a bridge way back in Week 1, so I guess it makes sense to jump out of a plane as we approach Week 52.