New Perspective Of My Own Backyard

Mayor Trasolini and SeanIt's a different experience doing a One Week Job in my hometown of Port Moody. Usually my current job incorporates exploring the city; I am a working tourist experiencing the city for the first time. This week, there is a real sense of familiarity. I simply drive down the hill to go to work, I can run home for lunch, and I don't need directions getting anywhere.

I have always held so much pride for the city of Port Moody. It's a beautiful place and I have seen it grow tremendously since I was young.

I have enjoyed experiencing the city from a different perspective this week. The Mayors job is quite comprehensive and encompasses a bit of everything that goes on in the city. As such, we have been moving around quite a bit, attending different openings, committee meetings, unveiling's, etc. Monday night we paid a visit to the local Scouts who were excited to have us and asked some interesting questions about my past year.

Unveiling some new city artworkCity Council controls the overall direction of the city; they are the decision makers behind it all. It's a big role and after having seen it from this perspective, I wish more citizens would get involved and voice an opinion. The reality is so much goes on in the city that we have no idea about as we are busy living our own lives. Then, we see buildings go up, people move in, landscapes change.

The goal is that City Council makes these decisions based on the wants, needs, and best interests of it's citizens. I have always tried to please everyone, though I can respect in a position like this, that can be a difficult task to say the least.

Today, there are elementary school students coming in for a visit and tour followed by the Mayor's open office hours. There has been some tough decisions as of late with the budget due by May 15th... could make the open office hours quite interesting. Tonight is the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Artist Exhibition followed by a reception and live performance which should be fun. If you are in the area, come on by!