You Matter

I just posted something from Seth Godin a couple days ago, but he's just that good. This was his latest post. Have a read and see why you matter. During my week as a Yoga Instructor in Week 7, I met Henri. I remember he said to me:

"When my students come into the class, it is my opportunity to impact the outer world through my inner studio. If I can change their mindsets, so that when they leave here, they are feeling calm and relaxed, that will alter how they experience the rest of their day and the other people they encounter. In doing so, I am creating a ripple effect far beyond I know the implications of."

Every day we have the power to impact those around us - a kind word, a genuine smile, an inspiring blog post - whether that impact is positive or negative is up to us to decide. The important thing to remember is that either way, our ripples will be felt.