Globe and Mail Interview Provokes A Reaction

globe Today, Sean's latest interview was published in The Globe And Mail: 52 Jobs In 52 Weeks.

And just like during the project, Sean's story tends to provoke a divided opinion. The comments on the interview range from positive:

"I think that what Sean did is very brave. How many of us are stuck in jobs for years and once we leave we realize that we were miserable?"

To the appreciative:

"Maybe Sean won't make a great Chartered Accountant but he is creative, well spoken, thinks outside the box and has an abundance of initiative - sounds like a great employee right now."

And the not so positive:

Nice resume Sean - I'm sure business will be astounded to have your varied experience and ratty hair-do.

And the downright mean:

"This guy is what is wrong with a lot of todays youth and the parents are to blame. He is utterly useless and will go on to lead a useless and meaningless life. Mommy and Daddy will pay for his fun and convince him he is a successful contributing member of society. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Now, we live in a free country, and it's perfectly fine for others to share their opinion of Sean's journey. Yet it's interesting to turn the scrutiny around and use One Week Job as a mirror to study our own life situation.

Ask yourself: what is my immediate reaction reading Sean's story? Then ask yourself: why?

What does that say about how you see careers and life in general?

Chances are, if you're the type of person who believes work should be meaningful, that life is about adventure and not "earning a living," then you'll likely support the project.

If you're the type of person that believes life is hard, that work isn't supposed to be "fun," then you might feel resentment towards the project.

Of course, there's no right or wrong answers.

But at the very least, before judging someone else, we owe it to ourselves to look inward and see what we find.

- Ian