Hired! From 8 Jobs to 1!

Long time no blog! I'm so sorry for not blogging more about Job #8 folks. All in all, I had a wonderful time with Stan and learned a ton. I plan to post one more blog with pictures of the week sometime soon.

So, I have an announcement! I am now a single job lady! What I mean is that I got a job this week after being interviewed on Wednesday and meeting with the manager yesterday!

I am thrilled to have this job because it is a starting point that will help me move closer towards my ultimate goal: to own a coffeehouse and possibly, a roastery. As I pondered this week, I kept coming back to the idea of "settling." My greatest fear in pursuing a coffee shop job is that I would be settling for a job that doesn't pay much, doesn't look extraordinary on a resume', and is a basic job overall.

After accepting a barista job today though, I was struck with this thought:

"To take a job just for the sake of making more money, being more "comfortable," and feeling like I've arrived in the career world...

THAT would be majorly settling!

As I worked eight different jobs this summer, one thing become very evident: I love people!

After spending a full week with Charlie Mustard at Jittery Joe's Coffee in Athens, GA, my passion for coffee and all that it represents was definitely affirmed. I realized that there are people (like Charlie) who are making a living by doing what they love to do!

It seems like a cliche' dream to say that I want to own my coffee shop(s), but think of how many people hope to do things that never make an action step towards making it happen. I truly get revved up about the idea of owning my own business, designing a beautiful space for the community to enjoy, and serving the highest quality coffee and food!

Getting an entry-level job at Seattle's Best coffee shop is an absolute dream for me! Unlike my previous job that only partially dealt with coffee, this job will offer plenty of chances to make drinks, learn what it takes to run a cafe', and interact with customers.

I'm thrilled and I'm even more thrilled that I'm not settling.

Settling is a vague term anyways.

This would be a terrible world if people made decisions only based on how others would perceive them.

This summer, more than anything, I learned that it's so freeing to be different. People were amazed that I was part of the One-Week Job Program and jealous too!

I considered over and over the idea of continuing to work more one-week jobs for the next month or longer. Going back to the idea of "settling," that would be settling too. Here's the thing: I know I want to do something related to coffee, business, and people. It would be amazing to try more jobs, but the fun can only last so long. I've used most of my travel funds, learned a lot about myself, and now, I'm ready to act on the things I learned!

This post is probably sounding like a rant or a major ramble-fest so I do apologize. I write this post to give you readers an idea of how the One-Week Job Program affected me and changed my life.

I learned a ton and met people who I will never forget.

Now, I'm on to a new project: serving the fine folks of Knoxville, TN some mighty fine coffee! I'm ecstatic that I'll be able to be with my family, learn more about the retail coffee business, and focus on one job!

I'd love to post more thoughts, but I've got  a job to start! I'm off to start training today. Please keep following the blog as I share more about Job #8 and thoughts about this new permanent job.


Kieley Best

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