Shot and edited by award-winning Director, Ian MacKenzie, “One Week Job” follows Sean Aiken as he travels over 50,000 miles and works 52 jobs in 52 weeks, reinventing himself as a firefighter, a stock trader, a radio DJ, a martial arts instructor, an NHL mascot, snowshoe guide and more.

During the course of his seven-day stints, Sean Aiken discovered many others struggling to answer the question “what should I do with my life?” To find the answer he continued to ask himself and his employers about the nature of success and the real meaning of happiness – all while having the adventure of his life.

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Feature Length Version: 76 minutes

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What People Are Saying:

“Intelligent and Inspiring. Fuels the fire that is often smothered with fear – can I really be myself, love my work as an artist would and truly call it a livelihood? If you have doubt, watch this film and become inspired to live your innermost dream.”

– Alan Clements, Author


“It is difficult to conceive of a 21st century classroom capable of empowering young people in the way that Sean’s journey, and his easygoing, affable delivery, make possible. I suspect it will be only a matter of time before his book, film (and presence via Skype, and other video conferencing tools), become ubiquitous in our schools.”

– Bryan Jackson, High School Teacher


“This film isn't just for recent college graduates. I've been recommending it to my friends who've been hit hard by this economy and others who are just not happy with what they do for work. And I, who am happily employed at a wonderful organization, enjoyed watching this film, too, because Sean does a great job of verbalizing what it is that makes a job fulfilling.”

- Beth Brooks, CEO Texas Society of Association Executives


“As a teacher I look for films that help people understand their journey in life. One Week Job is such a film. Sean goes out to learn what it is to fit into the modern world, but in trying out different jobs he discovers a job isn't a suit you wear, rather, it's a reflection of the person you seek to become. While you may not think it, this is the classic hero's journey; the journey to find something greater only to come back home to realize it starts with your own heart.

– Casey Kochmer, Teacher


“A joy to watch! ‘One Week Job’ has it all - entertainment, challenges, love, and a hero. I'm so excited to share this movie with my friends and family because each one of them will find something that speaks directly to them. This film doesn't just leave you inspired, it gives you direction. Sean not only moves you to try something new, he shows you where to start - and he makes it look fun!”

– Lauren Balser


“WOW! I recently attended a public showing of the documentary which also featured a Q&A time with Sean and Ian and I was blown away! These guys are REAL! Not only is this an inspirational story but these guys are solid. The experiences that Sean went through provide viewers with a sense of passion and a desire to follow their dreams.”

Jason Adams


“Believe it or not, the film is finished and my eyes are wet. I was inspired on so many levels and touched by so many of the stories - it's just amazing at what you achieved and accomplished in your year search for your passion.



“My 15 year old son and I just watched your DVD last night, and enjoyed it immensely. Even the teenager thought it was good!”

– Rhonda


“What I liked about the film was that it gave the viewer a “you are not alone” feeling. It's assuring to younger viewers, especially when they see (older) generations still searching for what they really want to do.”

– Rishad


“Very inspiring documentary — this should be highly recommended viewing for every student! Great work!”