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VIDEOSIntroduction Video - Week One - Bungee Jumping Week Two - Funny segment for the show Week Four - ShawTV Segment Week Three - Snoeshoeing Fun Week Five - Not Your Typical Employee Entrance Week Six - Fun With Flowers Week Eight - A 'Dairy' Good Time

Some Previous Television Appearances: Global National (Nationwide) - Segment on One Week Job CBC Newsworld (Nationwide) - Morning Show CTV News (Nationwide) - Segment on One Week Job CityTV - Breakfast Television Interview ShawTV - Urban Rush Interview CityTV - Surprise Week Four Interview

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REFLECTIONS & LESSONS LEARNED Finding Congruence In The Workplace Make Your Promise Today Meet Henri Ferguson - Lifelong Learner Where Do All These Pieces Go? Talkin' bout my generation Meet Garry: Software Developer Turned Snowshoe Guide Are You "Sheepwalking" Through Life?" Make a promise today


Week Eleven - Resident Caregiver Week Eleven Announced - Caregiver B I N G O !

Bienvenue au Quebec Finding Congruence In The Workplace Meetings, Oh Meetings A Maclean’s Magazine Newsmaker

Week Ten - Marketer Week Ten Announced - Sales & Marketing Here’s To Not Settling! Another Day At The Office Life As A Trade Show Exhibitor

Television Segment From Week Four Gill Deacon Show Cancelled Dead Air And Day Dreaming

Week Nine - Event Planner Week Nine Announced - Lake Louise Resort Exhausted In The Rockies Late, In The Season Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Vancouver Bound Saying Goodbye To Lake Louise

Week Eight - Dairy Farmer Week Eight Announced - Dairy Farmer Surrendering To The Pooh April Snow Storms, Bring May Temperature Norms? A ‘Dairy’ Good Time

Week Seven - Yoga Instructor Week Seven Announced - Yoga Instructor… in training Meet Henri Ferguson - Lifelong Learner Sean’s Yoga Marathon Inspiring Youth, Inspiring Me My Yoga Instructor Debut Saying Goodbye To Edmonton
Week Six - Florist Edmonton Bound City Slickers And Cowboys Week Six Announced - Florist Where Do All These Pieces Go? Roses Are Red, Star Gazing Lilies Are Not Long Weekends Are Fun
Week Five - Columnist Week Five Announced - Columnist For 24hrs Day In The Life Of A Columnist Not Your Typical Employee Entrance Surprise Attack On The 'Employee Entrance' A Reality ‘Cheque’ Assignment Want to hear me on the radio? Wine Tasting Extravaganza

Week Four - Volleyball Coach at Kids Camp Week Four Announced - Volleyball Coach Longest day of volleyball ever… Surprise Interview On The Volleyball Courts

Week Three - Snowshoe Guide Hot chocolate and sunshine at the top of Vancouver Meet Garry: Software Developer Turned Snowshoe Guide Reflections from Mount Seymour - Interview with Garry Rathbone

Week Two - TV Talk Show Intern/Co-host Week Two Announced - Intern/Co-host Sean On Shaw Life behind the scenes of a tv talk show Bidding farewell to the crew at Urban Rush

Week One - Bungee Operator/Marketing Week One Announced - Marketing/Bungee Assistant Sean Joins The Working World! Taking the leap... literally! It's not everyday you jump off a bridge