Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is all your earnings going to the Make Poverty History/ONE Campaign, or are you taking out some for travel expenses? Any proceeds from the jobs is directly donated to the respective campaign by the individual or the company. This way Make Poverty History/ONE can issue the tax receipts and I don’t have to worry about dealing with the money or being taxed on money that I never really had. Just keeps things simple and transparent.

2) But then how are you surviving?

By keeping costs down as much as we can, staying with host families, hitch hiking, taking the bus. If you would like to help out by sponsoring the project, please send me an email.

3) If I offer you a job, do I also need to find you a place to stay and pay for your travel expenses?

It would be a huge help, and I'd really appreciate it, though it's not required.

4) How much are you looking for as a donation for the week of work?

There is really no minimum or no maximum at all. The more job offers I receive the better, and the more rewarding of an experience it will be. So whatever is in the budget, there are really no expectations.

5) Does it have to last the entire week, and be a full-time position?

I am willing to work full-time for the entire week, though the position does not necessarily have to last the entire week and can be part-time. Need some ideas, check out 'My Wish List.

6) How are you traveling?

A combination of things. Using the site to let people know where I am going and see if they can help me out, using radio stations for the same purpose, the bus, plane, ride-sharing, hitch-hiking...

If you would like to help out by sponsoring the project, please send me an email.

7) What kind of jobs are you hoping to get?

Anything and everything, the more diverse the better!

8 ) Any job in particular you want to try out?

Much Music/MTV VJ, advertising agency, stock broker, intern at the Trump Organization, pizza delivery driver, brick layer, fisherman, tv/radio talk show co-host, construction, lawyer, producer, sled dog guide, farmer ... anything really!

Need some ideas, check out 'My Wish List.

I would also love to be mentored by a top executive for a week, just follow him/her around on the job and get shown the ropes. I think I could learn so much from an experience like that.

9) How long are you going to sustain the project for?

52 weeks, 52 "One Week Jobs." It would be great if down the road, I could pass the project onto someone else who would like to use this method to get out there and discover their passions. Also, I would like to write a book about my experience and all that I have learned for high school, college and university students.

10) Why the Make Poverty History campaign?

I began One Week Job by accepting offers throughout Canada. At the same time that I had the idea for the project, a friend brought to my attention the issue of child poverty in Canada .

Instead of working for free, I decided this would also be a good opportunity to bring some awareness to this issue. I chose the Make Poverty History campaign because ending child poverty in Canada is one of their main agendas.

As I have started to receive offers in the United States and elsewhere, it made sense that donations in lieu of my wages be made to the affiliated organization of the Make Poverty History campaign in the respective country.

11) Why are you doing this?

After finishing my degree, I made a promise to myself that I would not settle for a career that I am not truly passionate about. Not realizing where these passions lie, I came up with the idea for One Week Job.

My goal is to gain a better understanding of what this career would look like and inspire the many others of my generation in similar situations to commit to going after their passions.

12) Is one week long enough for you to really know if a job is right for you?

I am not expecting to find that perfect fit in a particular job I take on. If I do, that would be great! Yet, I am looking more to get a taste of many different positions, hoping to take something away from each one, and in turn gain a better understanding of the type of situation I need to have in order to be happy.

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