Taking the leap... literally!

Wow! What better way to kick off 'One Week Job' and all it represents, than to jump off a bridge! If it is something you have never done before, put it down on your 'to do' list. It truly is an incredible adrenaline rush! Although it is quite funny because you don't realize the fun you just had until you are back safe and sound on the bridge.

Week One - WB photos 031

I had an awesome day working with Whistler Bungee up in Whistler, BC today. A tv crew from Vancouver came up to do a story about One Week Job and we had fun shooting some stuff with them, hopefully I will be able to get some of the footage up on the site by Sunday.

There was a group jumping that were visiting from Brazil, so it was great to make some new friends and it is always fun to join in with the excitement that comes a long with first time jumpers. I did some inventory, helped strap clients into harnesses, and ofcourse coercing them into signing their lives away was also involved.

Week One - WB photos 010

I had this interesting article brought to my attention today entitled, "Americans hate their jobs more than ever - Satisfaction level hits new low, especially among younger workers."

What's going on, I just don't get it! Sounds like more 'Sheepwalker' syndrome if you ask me.

Week One has been great so far and I will be announcing my job for Week Two tomorrow!

Until then,