Life behind the scenes of a tv talk show

I have had a great couple days working downtown with Urban Rush. Yesterday, one of the producers, Jay Brown, and myself had some good fun filming a segment for the show in which I was put to work doing various tasks throughout the studio; from organizing Fiona Forbes wardrobe, to windexing windows, to Jay stacking a ridiculous amount of tapes on me, to even walking a dog. If you missed it, that’s too bad because it was really quite funny! After which a newspaper came in to do an interview and photoshoot... all making me feel far too important.

Week Two - Urban Rush 012

Today was not so exciting as I spent the day organizing old recordings of the show in the archive room, yet, it is truly great working with a group of people who obviously love what they are doing and enjoy doing it. Definitely the type of work place environment that I would like to be in!

I found out today that the company I was supposed to be working with for next week re-scheduled for a later week, so I am now in need of a job for Week Three. If you have any offers or ideas, please send them my way!

(UPDATE: I have found a job for next week and will announce it tomorrow)