Day In The Life Of A Columnist

So two weeks ago I was a Snowshoe Guide assistant, and this week I am a columnist. Just another Monday morning and another first day on the job. It's quite funny, it seems as if I just get settled into a position, comfortable with the people in the company, and know what is expected of me, then Friday comes, the slate is wiped clean and it is time to start all over again in a new position and new location the following week. If it was uncertainty, unfamiliar situations and out of the comfort zone experiences I was looking for, well I have found them. I met with the Editor-in-chief first thing in the morning and we went over ideas that I had for potential aritcles. He seemed to like them, and I set off on writing my first column in a series of pieces that I will be writing regarding One Week Job type themes.

Today I visited a couple of campuses around Vancouver and interviewed a bunch of students and some faculty. It was quite interesting speaking with students about topics such as what they want to do with their life, why our generation is having difficulty deciding on careers, and what we are looking for out of a career situation. I will be sure to post my articles to the site as I finish them...

It was my first time in a newsroom, and I must say they do a good job in movies portraying what it is like: phones ringing, people moving quickly working on a deadline, colleagues talking about different stories/news ideas, working late, and ofcourse lot's of coffee is involved. I left the office at 7:30pm, and there were still quite a few people there plugging away.

Definitely an interesting lifestyle, kinda fun working in a dynamic environment with an element of urgency as everything is deadline driven. There is a paper to produce for the next day, everybody works hard on it as long as it takes until it is finished, then you go home and are back at producing something completely different the next day.

Still looking for that ride to Edmonton, any ideas or suggestions, give me a call!