Wine Tasting Extravaganza

Had a crazy last day working with 24 Hours Vancouver. I started the morning with a nationwide interview on CBC Radio One, then got called by CTV News who wanted to do a story so I went a long with another 24 Hours reporter and a photography to cover a Wine Festival. They put a mic on me and away I went with my pen and notepad to explore the Festival while the camera crew followed me around. The segment about One Week Job, will air sometime next week during the CTV News Hour at 6pm. I will let you know! I was introduced to Bill Hardy of Hardy's wine and he showed me the ropes of the Festival and basically how things work. Really great guy! Pretty cool how he can just pick up a bottle and say, "This one is named after my grandfather, and this one over here after my grandmother." I asked if he would be willing to name one after me, but he wouldn't go for it.

I had a great week working with 24 Hours, if you want to read about it and you are in the Vancouver area, pick up a copy of the paper today (Friday) and I will tell you.