Where Do All These Pieces Go?

Although we are only entering Week Six of One Week Job, I have already seen myself grow and develop in ways that I had never thought. Sean is developing professional skills! In launching One Week Job, it was my way of taking the leap into the working world, the “real world" so to speak. I think it proves to be a scary thought for many, it sure was for me, yet it is getting easier each week. It seems as if every single day I am putting myself in unfamiliar situations, continually out of my comfort zone and am presented with new challenges, more uncertainty.

I think a big thing preventing me from taking that initial leap was a fear of failure, self-doubt, and this inevitable uncertainty that comes a long with any situation which requires us to step out of our comfort zone. Yet seeing these changes in myself as a result, having only completed Week Five, is truly incredible and I suddenly find myself seeking out new challenges as I know that I will be all the better for it.

I am also realizing that my teachers were right when they said they were teaching us “life skills” and I am beginning to recognize how the skills that enabled me to be successful in previous areas of my life, namely school and sports, are in fact the same skills that provide the framework for us to be successful in the “real world.” How everything that we do in life, the various skills and aptitudes we have developed, our many diverse life experiences, the challenges we have overcome, all come together and help formulate our “career” or “life purpose.”

The implications of this for me are really quite exciting; anything becomes possible! The realization that we create our own reality, and that I too, like everyone else, has an innate value to offer the world.

By finding the courage to take the initial leap and continually pushing myself to discover my potential, I am beginning to recognize the pieces of a much larger puzzle.

Now it’s simply a matter of finding out just how all these pieces fit together!