Sean's Yoga Marathon

I think I mentioned yesterday that by Friday I was probably going to be pretty sore. Well, it is now Wednesday morning and guess what? I am sore. Justifiably so though as I participated in four different sessions yesterday, five and a half hours of yoga in total! I am sitting in on as many classes as I can and will be co-teaching a class on the Friday. Am I nervous? Yeah, and that would explain the five and a half hours of yoga training I participated in yesterday. I had a teacher who would say, "if you are going to do something, might as well do it right!" This is also why it was necessary I visit Lulu Lemon on Whyte Ave in Edmonton who generously donated some clothing so I would at least look the part. Everyone working there is so nice and we had lots of fun picking out the outfit.

I am meeting great people each day and working with some amazing individuals (come and meet them!) who breath life into me when I am finding it difficult to stay on top of everything with the project. Seeing people excited about what I am doing, wanting to get involved and help out in some way is quite empowering and it continually reminds me of the unique opportunity I have to positively influence the lives of many.

If you are in the Edmonton area, be sure to drop by the studio and say hello!