Week Eight Announced - Dairy Farmer

cowThis week I will be working with the Slomp family on their 300 acre organic dairy farm in Rimbey, Alberta. Today I am heading to an organic milk convention where I will be meeting George, the head farmer, and afterwards will be heading back to the farm with him. Apparently his girlfriend is a Yoga instructor so perhaps I will be able to keep up with my newly developed Yoga skills in farm country. My tasks for the week will include milking cows, shovelling manure, feeding the calves, and general barn maintenance. I remember milking cows once when I was on an Elementary school field trip which was quite the experience, but I have been told that now they have machines for that and so don't need to worry about my lack of aim or the spray back.

I am really looking forward to the week ahead as I have always wanted to try out working on a farm, yet have never previously had the opportunity. As I continue with One Week Job, I am realizing more and more how many different options and possibilities are out there that I would love to try my hand at.

Perhaps when all is said and done, it may just be all the more difficult to decide as I won't want to choose just one!

The next two weeks I will be working in Alberta, and then am heading back to Vancouver for a friends wedding May 19th. If you are in Vancouver and have any job offers for any of the weeks in May, send me an email!


PS - 'Pledge Your Passion'