Week Ten Announced - Sales & Marketing

Fresh off a great bachelor party weekend that finally came to an end close to 1:00am last night, I started Week Ten working downtown Vancouver at 8:00am this morning. Ouch! Somehow I managed to get out of bed this morning and made it to work on time, and will definitely be sleeping well tonight! SustaiNetThis week I am working with SustaiNet Software Solutions, "a distributor and implementer of web-based information management systems that are designed to assist organizations to efficiently manage the wide range of information gathered to achieve their environmental and social sustainability goals." Try and say that in one breath!

There is a trade show Wednesday and Thursday which I will be attending as a trade show exhibitor on behalf of SustaiNet. I will be generating leads, meeting with potential conference attendees/customers, attending conference sessions, learning about community consultation and stakeholder engagement, and learning about post trade show follow-up.

Everyone at the office have been really welcoming and are very nice so it should make for a great week!

More later, but time to get back to work.