A Maclean's Magazine Newsmaker

I guess I have been making enough news with One Week Job that Macleans Magazine felt I should be labelled as one of their newsmakers of the week which I thought was pretty cool. The article was published in this past weekends edition. My best friends wedding on Saturday went well despite the weather not fully cooperating. I wasn't too sure if I would get choked up in giving my best man speech. I thought that perhaps I might get more caught up on doing a good job and how I was coming across rather than actually being in the present moment. Well there were definitely tears involved and I struggled to get a couple of the lines out, but overall I think that it was well received by everyone.

In terms of an update about what is happening with the potential production of One Week Job as a show, I am still trying to figure out the best way to go about it and decide how I want it to all work out. If you happen to possess a lot of talent with camera work/editing and looking for some adventure, give me a shout.

It was great to be back in Vancouver for my friends wedding this past weekend, though I am excited to be flying out to Quebec this coming Saturday. This week I am hoping to get some meetings done and sort out the production stuff before heading out again.