A Long Weekend In Quebec

I have the day off today as it is a holiday in Quebec - St. Jean Baptiste Day. I have been to a couple of St. Jean Baptiste day festivities in Quebec city which were a lot of fun, yet this weekend I decided to come down to Toronto and visit a friend. We went to Canada's Wonderland yesterday and so went on a bunch of rollercoasters and into the water park. It was nice to spend a day at the amusement park and just relax, as you may have noticed by the lack of entries this weekend. I am back in Montreal for Week Fifteen starting tomorrow and it should make for quite an interesting week. Not too sure how quite to describe it just yet, but will do my best and be sure to announce it for tomorrow morning.

The plan right now is still to head to Ottawa after Montreal, so if you have any offers for the week of July 2nd in Ottawa, check out the 'offers' section and send me an email.