Weather Man For Global Morning News

I had an interview with Global Morning News in Montreal last Friday, and when we had finished the interview the reporter asked if I wanted to work with them for the next five minutes and do the weather. So, directly from the interview, I proceeded to walk through the studio to the green screen where the Weather Girl showed me how it worked and was openly flirting with me on air. Pretty funny! Anyways, here it is:

I am working on editing the video footage I took from this week; hopefully will have it up sometime today. I think it will do a better job at explaining what I was up to this week rather than a simple blog post.

This is what I got to wear at work yesterday. Well, at least I looked the part.

Week Fifteen - Sauvers Sauvage 021

This weekend I am heading to Ottawa for Canada's birthday! If you are going to be there too, give me a shout.