Week Twenty Two Announced - Radio DJ

davefm-logo.jpgThis week I will be working with DAVE FM, a radio station in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. I have to figure out this whole Kitchener/Waterloo thing they have going on here, which one is it or is it both? I think if I lived in Waterloo, I would want to say I come from Waterloo, not Kitchener/Waterloo, perhaps you get the best of both worlds. Not sure on that one yet. I will be a co-host for different shows throughout the week as well as attending some events, helping out with promotions, and of course there is always time for some office work.

holiday-inn-logo.jpgThis week is kind of different in that I am working two jobs at the same time. The people over at DAVE FM struck a deal with the people over at Holiday Inn Kitchener/Waterloo that if I worked a couple hours a day at the hotel we would be able to stay there for free. We thought that was pretty awesome of them and on top of that there was even a card in our room when we arrived welcoming us.

So that's where we are staying for the week, if you want to come and visit us, this is the map.

Not too sure what the plan is for next week, we are thinking of heading through Montreal on our way to Halifax, though plans are still in the air. If you have any job offers, ideas, contacts for Montreal, let us know.