A Few Days Of Getting "Snorged"

Stacking some TeesI am enjoying my week here in Alpharetta, Georgia working with Snorg Tees. After I finished my degree, I had a few ideas and thought that I would like to start my own t-shirt company though I didn't really know where to start or if that's what I would really want to do. Come to think of it, I was probably just scared to take the first step.

Matt, the president, gave a good suggestion that would have helped with that. He said that when he started up the company it was a huge undertaking, though what allowed him to keep moving forward was that he broke it down into small achievable steps. First step? Learn how to print t-shirts.

He remarked today that when he looks back, he now realizes just how far he has come.

Snorg Tee ReceptionistOn the surface, companies who sell a fun product or service appear to have a crazy work environment and to be always good times. Though we have fun at work, the reality is there are always the details and administrative tasks that inevitably accompany running any business. I think that it can be easy to forget this when thinking of potential company ideas.

When you own the business, I think it can be difficult to simply leave your work at the office, as there are much higher stakes involved, you have more at risk, and ideally a higher benefit. It requires long hours and Matt says that most nights he is at home working trying to stay on top of everything. It appears that being an entrepreneur definitely takes a certain type of personality.

I have lined up my job for next week and will be working at The Georgia Aquarium - the worlds largest. Afterwards, I think I will be heading south into Florida. If you have any ideas/contacts for potential One Week Jobs, please pass on the word about the site or send me an email.

Snorgly yours,