Week #32 Announced - Exterminator

pest-control-logo.jpgThis week I am in Miami, Florida working as an Exterminator with Truly Nolen Pest Control. "Truly Nolen focuses on keeping pests out through exclusion, dusting and applying liquids and baits to the outside and perimeter of your home. This creates a barrier around your home and limits the use of chemicals that may be detrimental to your family and pets."

This week, I will get to assist in seeking out and identifying potential active nesting sites of pests and treat the problem accordingly. My initial thought was that it is probably not a good idea to be exposed to all those chemicals, though apparently the technique limits the use of invasive chemicals, so that's good to know.

If you live in the Miami area and want to meet up while I am in town, let me know.

Look out bugs, here I come!