Stuck in the Airport, and Week #37 Announced - Pizza Maker

Stuck in LaGuardia AirportToday, Sean and I woke up early. We packed our bags, and stole out into the crisp Manhattan morning, bidding goodbye to our sanctuary for the past 3 weeks. I hailed a taxi, and we rode out to La Guardia airport as the sun rose behind billowing grey clouds. The plan was to head South - to Atlanta, then board another bus to Fort Walton in Florida. Sean was to be a firefighter.

Instead, a funny thing happened. And by funny I mean, in that retrospective way afterwards once the whole anger thing has blown over.

Basically Sean asked me to book the plane tickets for today, Dec 4, from New York to Atlanta. Somehow I ended up booking the tickets on Dec 18 by mistake. We found this out while trying to checkin at the counter. It pretty much felt like a scene that should be in a "real" reality-show.

Sweet Tomatoes PizzaAfter the initial surprise, we tried re-booking our tickets for today. Hmm, the flights today were $200 more expensive than we paid. Any chance getting on standby? Nadda. Well, at least we can get a credit for future flights right? Nope. Turns out there's a $100 charge to change your ticket (the ticket itself was only $87). Thanks American Airlines.

So after some discussion, we decided the best choice of action was to accept another job offer, this one in Cape Cod. Sean will be a pizzamaker with Sweet Tomatoes Pizza in Osterville, Massachusetts.

It sounds like a pretty fun gig - and Cape Cod we're told is beautiful area. So, away we go!

- Ian