Farewell To Pizza, Farewell To Cape Cod

Pizza Maker - Osterville Cape Cod 156One thing that continues to amaze me about One Week Job is the incredible people I meet and relationships that I make along the way. Complete strangers openly welcome us into their homes and treat us just like another member of the family. It's remarkable how in just one week, it is possible to develop such strong ties.

Looking back over the weeks, I've found my actual job duties play a small part in whether I have a positive or negative experience. When 52 weeks are over, it is all the great people I met and the relationships I developed along the way that I will remember. Whether I have the "best" or "worst" job in the world for the week is not important - the thing that makes any moment special is the people we share them with.

Pizza Maker - Osterville Cape Cod 182I am often asked, "What has been your favorite job so far?" They have all been so different and it is difficult to say, though all of the weeks that stand out in my mind are the ones where the experience was as much about learning the ropes of a particular profession as it was making some new friends.

This week was a perfect example of how quickly we can make new connections when among such warm people. The local Cape Cod newspaper came into Sweet Tomatoes on my second day to do a story. After the interview, the reporter asked if I was related to Irene and Darren - based simply on the ease of our interaction.

When this project is over, it is without a doubt that Ian and I will have a lot of visiting to do. Not only that, but I'll have to make sure that I have lot's of space for guests to come visit me, wherever I end up.