Week #39 Announced - Martial Arts Instructor

This week I will be working as a Martial Arts Instructor at Dojang Studios in Vancouver, BC. Dojang combines numerous forms and styles from the traditional and modern combative arts and is defined as 'a place to study the way.' The founders of Dojang are Robert & Emma Lynds and they opened up the studio in February 2004. They offer adult and personal training programs, kids programs, youth programs, kids camps as well as women's only classes.

I will be participating/assisting in classes throughout the week; learning about the practice of Dojang, teaching techniques, how to train someone one on one, what it takes to run a martial arts studio... (there was some mention of a sumo wrestling suit, involving me acting as a punching bag, so that could get interesting).

I have been involved in sports throughout my life, though martial arts was something that I never gave a try so I am excited to learn more about the practice! Though I have a feeling I might be a little sore after this week.