Week #43 Announced - Motivational Speaker

Sean and EricThis week I am working with Eric Chester, America's Premier Expert on Generation Why (Y), in fact, he coined the term. Eric is the founder & President of Generation Why, Inc., a training and consulting firm helping companies and organizations recruit, train, manage, motivate, and retain the emerging workforce [Funny that I am doing exactly what Eric is coaching companies on how to prevent].

He delivers around 75 keynote presentations and training seminars on Employing Generation Why to major companies and organizations throughout the US and Canada and has also written two of the best-selling books on the subject. In 2004 he was inducted into the International Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor shared by less than 2% of all professional speakers in the world.

Eric has 3 presentations this week, of which he will be passing the microphone over to me in 2 of them so that I can experience first hand the thrill of what it's like to speak in front of hundreds of people. Sharing my experiences and all that I have learned over the past year is definitely something that I would like to do in the future, so I am really happy that I get to give it a try!