Week #44 Announced - Pre-School Teacher

Natures Childcare 1This week I am working as a Pre-School Teacher at Nature's Childcare in the small town of Meridian, Idaho. Nature's Childcare opened a year and a half ago and has about 150 children. I will be working and teaching 4-5 year old children, along with another teacher, hands on educational projects such as art, cooking, reading, and math.

Today I arrived just in time for nap-time, followed by snack-time, and I was able to spend the afternoon meeting the different age groups, reading stories, coloring, and of course a tea-time was in order.

Though I haven't had much experience with children this young, I have really enjoyed the opportunities I have had to work with kids over the past year. I have always thought that I would be happy as a teacher and think that it would really suit my lifestyle - I am sure I will have a lot fun this week!