Week #48 Announced - Cowboy

CowboyThis week I will be working as a Cowboy at a ranch near La Barge, Wyoming. I have no idea what to expect. When I think of a Cowboy, a cliche of images come to mind. The infamous Cowboy hat, boots, jacket, horse, piece of hay in the mouth, accent, riding in open fields for miles and miles.

But all stereotypes aside, what exactly is it that a Cowboy does? Is it possible to be employed as a full-time Cowboy?

I didn't need much information before making the decision to head towards Wyoming - I would be working at a ranch located outside a small town in Wyoming with a Cowboy named Chet. What more did I need?

It was Chet's brother who first contacted me a while back. When I finally spoke to Chet last week, he sounded excited about the idea of me coming. I still don't know what to expect, though he did mention something about calving.

Whatever that means, I am sure that I will soon to find out!