Week #49 Announced - Mascot

SlapshotThis week I am working in Washington D.C as the Mascot for the Washington Capitals. For those of you that don't know, The Washington Capitals is an NHL team. I will also get to help out with promotions and in-game entertainment (you know, those people that wear tracksuits at games, are always smiling handing out free stuff, making sure everyone is having a good time) I will first learn the ropes of what it's like to be the Capitals Mascot "Slapshot" by helping out during a game as his handler, then I will get a chance to suit up as "Slapshot" at a Kids Open Skate. It should be interesting wearing a cumbersome costume with limited visibility while a mob of kids run at you.

I will also be spending sometime outside the arena in the downtown Washington D.C area interacting with fans and getting the city excited about the team and upcoming playoff run.

Being that I am from Vancouver, I am lucky that they're not playing the Vancouver Canucks.

Go Caps Go!