Producer Profile: 5 Questions With Leslie Evans

As part of a new feature, we'll be profiling the producers who have donated towards the One Week Job documentary film. Would you like to be featured? First, become a producer! 1. What was the worst job you've ever done? What was the best?

Leslie Evans

Leslie Evans likes rollercoasters. Hates spiders.

The worst job I have ever done is....sorting fruit when I was young, my first job. It was the worst because of all the spiders - I HATE spiders!

The best job would have to be one I didn't actually get paid for, so maybe that doesn't count as a job. I was an assistant coach with a community Special Olympics swim team.

I got to wear the craziest hats I could find, and no matter what the day turned out to be, you were always certain there were happy people at the end!

2. What are the types of things you're passionate about?

Smiles. Laughter. Seeing people accomplish something and the look on their face when they do it. Rollercoasters. Yes, definitely passionate about those!

3. What do you find most interesting about the One Week Job project?

The fact that someone is doing what everyone has always wanted to do. Trying things you would never in your right mind think you would enjoy, but trying anyway.

4. Why did you decide to donate toward the One Week Job film?

I donated to kick up my karma count! Joking!

I donated because if I can't do it, why not help someone who can, someone who will have the ability to show young people its okay to search, really search, for the things you want to do in life.

It's hard out there for young people (even older) to find a career they love, there is so much pressure to know from the time you hit high school that someone proving we all don't know right away what we want to do is something worth giving to.

5. What do you hope to see represented in the film?

I hope to see choice represented. The choice to like or not like a job and celebrate in that choice.

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