Producer Profile: 5 Questions With Kyle MacDonald

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Kyle MacDonald is a fan of trading things for other things. He's also a fan of One Week Job! Here's 5 questions with Kyle:

1. What was the worst job you've ever done? What was the best?

Worst = data entry at a bank Best = modeling Italian soccer jerseys in Thailand

2. What are the types of things you're passionate about?

Trying out new things, traveling, having fun, and 1990 Burgundy Dodge Caravans.

3. What do you find most interesting about the One Week Job project?

Sean had to do something new each monday morning and he often had no idea what he'd be doing the next week even on the Sunday night. Triage decision making at its best.

Also, Sean's hair.

4. Why did you decide to donate toward the One Week Job film?

Because I don't want Sean and Ian to couchsurf at my house for the rest of their lives. Also, when I watch movies I usually eat popcorn. And popcorn is delicious.

5. What do you hope to see represented in the film?

Sean's "can do" attitude. And by "can do" attitude, I mean drunken late night soul searching ramblings and extraordinary unexpected and unplanned daytime adventures. Also, film maker-subject tensions to increase ratings.

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