Producer Profile: 5 Questions With Ashley Leber

Not a photo of Ashley... but it could be. / Photo jSh

What was the worst job you've ever done? What was the best?

The worst job I've ever done is my current job not exactly horrible but it's definitly hard on the body. I work at a mineral fiber insulation plant, 12 hr shifts that change between days and graves, 3 days on 3 days off.

The best job I've ever done was when I worked up at Mt. Baldy ski hill. It was so much fun. You meet so many intresting people, and snowboard all the time every day. The hill is like a family.

What are the types of things you're passionate about?

I'm passionate about everything. If I dont like something or don't agree with it I will voice it, and if i really like something or agree with it I'll support it and help keep it going.

Like the Relay for Life, I love volunteering for it every year and helping raise money for cancer reseach. And I'm extremely passionate about snowbaording. And about a million other things but those are a few.

What do you find most interesting about the One Week Job project?

Everything! It's a totally an amazing project. It should be something teens or adults even can sign up to do. You get to look at differnt jobs, try them out, see what they're like. You could read up on a job as much as you like, but how do you know that your going to like it, or be able to do it, until you actually do.

Why did you decide to donate toward the One Week Job film?

I donated becuase, I agree with it, I think it's awesome, and that people should know about it.

What do you hope to see represented in the film?

I hope to see how different everything is. And how many differnt jobs are out there, and that anyone can do what Sean did if they put there mind to it.

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