Ask Sean: Can Everyone Really Pursue Their True Passion In Life?

Photo by Stephen Poff

I received this question from a reader and thought it would be interesting to give my answer, but also share with other readers.

Q: Can everyone really pursue their true passion in life? If this were the case, you'd have an influx of people pursuing the same careers (rock star, athlete, pilot, actor, author, etc). Who would do the run-of-the-mill jobs that we need to keep our society running?

A: Great question. When I was a Radio DJ, I asked the morning host how he got into radio.

He said that many radio DJ's are actually "failed musicians" - meaning they originally tried to support themselves by being rockstars, but for a variety of reasons, couldn't quite make it. But, he said that being a radio DJ allows him to be involved in the same industry, interact with the same people, and cultivate his passion for music.

It made me think that we don't all have to be rockstars, because we might be equally as happy being the guy who hands the rockstar their guitar.

In theory, could everyone pursue their true passion in life? I don't know.

Might take some juggling to make it work. Though I've realized that there are many ways to pursue our passions, whether being involed in the industry in some way like this radio DJ, or looking to satisfy your passion outside of work.

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