The Evolution Of A Movie Poster

Since we're now in the final leg of the One Week Job documentary, it struck me that the film still didn't have an official poster. To fix the situation, I tapped the skills of Vancouver graphic artist and illustrator Amanda McCuaig.

After approx 2 weeks of back and forth collaboration, the final result is, in a word, awesome. So awesome that I wanted to share with you the step-by-step process we took to make the vision a reality.

The Evolution of a Movie Poster

The first step was coming up with the general concept. I knew we needed to hint at all the jobs Sean tried over the year, but it had to be in a way that was still visually pleasing (without being overly complex). Amanda sketched her ideas out first:

Afterwards, she applied the sketches above a photo of Sean from the journey:


Then, we added the blue sunburst effect (which we use throughout the graphics in the film):

I wasn't a big fan of Sean's jumping photo (it's fun, but too darkly shadowed), so we decided to swap in a photo of Sean hitchhiking:


Next, we realized the range of jobs weren't clear. To compensate, we added a few tags like "Fashion Buyer" "Baker" and "Stock Trader":


Now we're getting somewhere! At this point, the title "one week job" seemed a bit too boring, in comparison to Amanda's awesome "hand-sketched" feel. So we decided to replace it with hand-drawn text:


The poster was almost there... but something still wasn't quite right. Sean's hitchhiking photo was nice, but didn't convey the idea of "searching for your passion." We decided to do a last minute photo shoot to try a few more poses. The result (along with the tagline and crew titles):

Lastly, we realized the final touch was adding the epic words "1 man. 1 year. 52 jobs." And with that, the poster was complete: