Lesson #1, or 'Amanda Needs to be a Better Planner'

Alright! Pop Quiz! Remember when I mentioned that these jobs would morph and grow, and morph again?!  Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to OWJ Lesson 1! Lesson #1: Communication

You'd think that a University Grad with a Degree in Communications (me.), would realize the importance of this action!  I guess a little reminder is always a good thing...

As I plan (and keep planning) for these jobs and weeks coming up, I admit that I tend to get a little carried away. The second an idea enters my mind, I instantly start to assume/plan/tweak that idea - even when it's still simply that.  Nothing is concrete or confirmed, but in MY mind, it is.

This recently got me into a bit of a mix-up in regards to my first job.  An employer had given me a positive response, and for some reason, in my mind, I took that to mean 'MONDAY START DATE.'  Of course, when I went to reconfirm, it was definitely late notice, and a complete surprise to the employer!  In the meantime, of course, I'd told all my friends and family that I was going to be working at this job, and was now unsure if I even had a job for Week 1, only three days before the start date!


To make a semi-long story short - if I had been more clear and precise in my words and actions - this mix-up wouldn't have happened. Instead of getting all excited and then forgetting to communicate my desire to start the next week, I should have called the next day to officially set it up. It was my fault for assuming, and should have shown more respect for the time of the business involved - it's not easy to take on a stranger for a week!

In the end, I apologized for putting the employer in a tight spot, and both of us expressed our desire to work together on this OWJ project sometime later this summer (with more notice, of course!).

Now I had to find another job!  Haha!  For starters, I am so lucky to have such an amazing support group of friends all over this country.  I've only lived in Toronto for a short while, but have met some incredible people who I have become close with.  I met Henrieta through one of these friends, and Henrieta is a photographer.

The first time (and come to think of it, the ONLY time) we met, was over a year ago to discuss a joint video and photography project.  The project didn't come to fruition, but we became Facebook friends and I kept tabs on her that way!

She grew up in Socialist Czechoslovakia, where she actually trained and worked as a nurse.  Here's a quote from her website biography:

"And then, unexpectedly, came the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Soon after, I packed a small suitcase and flew across the ocean, to Canada. My first job was as a Nanny, and with my very first paycheck, I bought myself an OM1 Olympus manual SLR."

A few years down the road, Henrieta is a full-time photographer, and winning all sorts of awards for her work.  Lucky me - she has agreed to let me spend my first week with her!!  I'm excited to learn more about her journey, and help her do a job that I've so often dreamed of doing...

I've always felt that photography is a big part of who I am.  I'm definitely a visual person, always trying to find a new angle or way of looking at things.  I actually looked into photography before committing to Television production, but decided that I would rather use a video as my medium, as opposed to still-shooting.

Photography is pivotal.  Whereas in video you have hours of tape at your disposal, in still-photography you have one moment to capture an entire story.  The best photographs make you feel something - disgust, anger, wonder, elation.  A good photograph can make you cry.  Those are the kinds of pictures I want to take - I want to make people FEEL.

"I found that while the camera does not express the soul, perhaps a photograph can!"  - Ansel Adams

This week Henrieta has invited me to help her with an advertising piece she's doing for a national Canadian chain store.  We'll be meeting with clients, gathering props, setting up the studio, and then shooting!!

I want to learn what it takes to be a pro - how to get the clients, how to build a portfolio, what kind of cost is involved, film vs digital work, photo editing, and much, much more.

One more sleep...let the adventure begin!!

Love Love Love


To check out Henrieta's work, visit: www.henrietahaniskova.com