Poetic Photography Wrap-Up

Week One - Photographer

It all started off with a whim and a worry,

Not knowing who, where, or how hard to hurry.

But the woman I met put my worries to rest,

She explained the whole thing, without any stress.

She called clients and agents, models and friends,

She figured and triggered and spared all expense.

On shoot day she shot and she shot and she shot,

And she laughed the whole time, without getting caught.

It's all about attitude, knowledge and trust,

Knowing your f-stops, your lighting, and just...

Believing your skills, and doubting not one,

Do your job well, but know when to have fun.

And so ends Week One, filled with photos galore!

Henrieta's to thank, that girl I adore.

Go out and take pictures, and love what you do,

The great thing 'bout Week One, is it leads to Week Two!


Check out Henrieta's Website: www.henrietahaniskova.com