The Ultimate Outdoor Retailer Experience

I am working (technically "interning") with my absolute favorite company this week! Since I took last week off for vacation with my family, I am just now starting week #2. So you're probably wondering about the company I'm at... Sierra Trading Post!

Headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Sierra Trading Post is a fantastic company that sells outdoor gear, home goods, shoes, and more, at insanely low prices! Over the past years, I have ordered from their site and have always dreamed of going behind-the-scenes!

This week I will specifically be in the E-Commerce department, but I will also be spending time with the photography department, merchandising, and even get to tour the warehouse where all the items are stored!

After sipping a fabulous french vanilla latte' from the espresso bar at Sierra Trading Post, Naomi Berg gave me a tour of all the departments of the company. Naomi is a wonderful lady who works as the social media manager for the company. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that revolve around online interaction. I learned that social media is very effective for STP to communicate with their customers, receive feedback, and to promote their amazing sales!

I was seriously in heaven meeting lots of employees during my tour. Everyone was so welcoming and interested in hearing about the One-Week Job Program. It's great to be at a company that "gets it." By this I mean that Sierra is a company that is unique and open to cool things. While some companies might shy away from hosting an intern for only a week, Sierra Trading Post jumped at the opportunity to host me for the week. I love variety so this job will be unique since I will get to experience different departments within the same company. Unlike my first week that was solely roasting, this week I'm branching out!

To give you an idea of how many departments are at Sierra, here's a list of a few:

  • Merchandising (buy items that STP sells, decide when to run sales, and pick items for catalog)
  • Photography (take photos of retail items for website and catalog)
  • Customer Service (provide help to Sierra Trading Post customers via phone and email)
  • Human Resources (manage all the employees, process benefits claims, and make sure STP has the best team possible!)
  • Creative Services (design graphics for mail catalogs, web banners, and other creative projects)
  • Copywriting (write creative descriptions of each product for the catalog and website)
  • Order Fulfillment (collect ordered items from warehouse and ship them to customers)
  • Quality Control (try on clothing items to determine their fit)

I so look forward to learning more about these departments, their people, and serving Sierra Trading Post in whatever ways that I can this week.

This journey has just started and I am so beyond stoked to have this summer adventure! Here is something I keep thinking about as I've travelled the last three weeks:

Travel is more meaningful when you meet people along the way. It's nice to visit new places, see new sites, and try new foods, but traveling is a much richer experience when you take time to meet people! I am loving my jobs so far, but not because of the tasks I get to try or the location of the jobs; I like this program because I am building relationships with people all over the United States!

I honestly do not know what to expect for the rest of this week at Sierra Trading Post in Cheyenne. I anticipate lots of learning, asking the employees lots of questions, and taking advantage of the retail store (aka "Kieley likes to shop for outdoor deals").

Thanks for reading!

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Kieley Best