Week 7 - Artist

Ever wonder what it would feel like to paint for a living?!  I have. For the past few weeks all I've wanted to do is take a canvas, slather it in paint, and dig in.

Today, that dream came true!

This morning I met up with Calgary, Alberta artist, Dean Stanton at 8am (not sharp), for coffee.  He's established his own style, and has become somewhat of a local celebrity.  His artwork adorns many homes and businesses, as well as a crop of local murals - the recognizable Sunalta School, especially.

Dean is hilarious; a 'wild and crazy guy,' with a strong feeling that art should be a team effort.  In Dean's mind, there's no such thing as 'high art' - there's only fun and creativity to be shared with everyone.

It's this attitude that continues to bring him notoriety in every kind of circle in Calgary.  He's even developed a system of team-building/art cooperation, where he takes a large piece of plywood, makes a rough sketch on it's surface, and then cuts it up.  Everyone in whatever group he's working with (kids, a corporate office, wedding party, etc), gets a piece of their own - to paint.  Once everyone's had their fun, Dean redraws the outline on top of the painted pieces, glues 'em back together - et voila!  A masterpiece.

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting a small group of kids from an arts camp, and making art together.  I got to help sand the wooden pieces, and varnish some others from a freshly painted project.  When the kids came, it was show time!  We painted, flicked, finger-smudged, smeared, and painted again.  It got on clothes, hands, shoes, and some of it even got on our canvases ;)

It felt so great to get paint under my nails, and to see the kids having such a great time with it too.  You never know what your piece is going to look like, until you're done....and even then...how do you know when you're done?!

Colours and creativity are what this week is made of, and I'm very much looking forward to it!

- Amanda