BIG NEWS - One Week Job: Australia launched!

We're super excited to announce the launch of One Week Job: Australia! Since I completed my 52 jobs in 52 week experience in 2008, I've received emails from people around the world interested in setting up the One Week Job Project in their country. We've decided that Australia will be the first foreign market!

Paul Seymour, 24-year-old Brisbane, Queensland resident, will be working 52 jobs in 52 weeks throughout Australia to find his passion. All of Paul’s wages will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia, and he will document his experience over at the One Week Job: Australia website.

Week #1 begins November 28th, 2011.

Same concept as my original experience throughout North America - anyone, anywhere in Australia can offer Paul a One Week Job. He will travel Australia, working a different job each week and share his experience through blog posts, pictures, and video updates at

Australia’s Career Coach, Helene Larson, will help guide Paul throughout his career search, lending her insight and expertise as Paul learns about himself and what he ultimately needs in a career to be happy.

Please help spread the word about the project, and send your Aussie friends to the One Week Job: Australia site. Paul is now looking for One Week Job offers!

As all of Paul’s wages are being donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia, a company sponsorship is currently being sought to help cover the associated expenses of the yearlong project. If your company, or any company you know, is interested in sponsoring One Week Job: Australia, please send them to the sponsor page. There is a huge opportunity to receive widespread media exposure throughout Australia.

I'll be traveling to Australia in January to facilitate the launch of One Week Job: Australia, to act as a mentor to Paul, and to help promote the project in media interviews, and at speaking events throughout the country.

We are so grateful to be spreading the message of One Week Job internationally. It's an important conversation that strikes a chord that is intimately human – at some point in our lives we all must look deep inside ourselves to answer the question, “What should I do with my life?”

A fulfilling career helps cultivate a fulfilling life, both for ourselves and those around us. When we are fulfilled in our careers, this happiness positively contributes to our family, friendships, we become more engaged in our communities, and we help create a better world!

Thanks for your support as we continue on this important journey together!!

- Sean