BIG NEWS - One Week Job: USA starts Summer 2012

I'm super excited to officially announce the launch of One Week Job: USA beginning in Summer 2012 with 59-year-old Linda Chase from Portland, Oregon. We're looking for a sponsor. For details, contact

I met Linda when we were seated beside each other on a plane in September 2011. We immediately had a great connection and quickly got into deep conversation. Linda told me that as she approaches the age of 60, she's beginning to feel somewhat diminished, less confident and less relevant, despite having amassed many valuable life and professional skills.

After raising my two children, working a variety of jobs, being unemployed and underemployed (despite being highly educated), seeing long-held dreams slip away, and losing my life partner to brain cancer, I began wondering, 'Now who am I? And where do I go from here?'

The One-Week Job Project is an idea that resonates, regardless of age. It strikes a chord that is intimately human – at some point in our lives we all must look deep inside ourselves to answer the question, “What should I do with my life?”

And yet it’s not just a question faced by recent college grads. Linda’s story is one that is shared by millions – empty nest parents who sidetracked their career to raise a family, those starting over after a divorce, or recently laid off, or retired – it’s a question we’ll continue to face at different points throughout our lives.

Today, many baby boomers are very active and want to get involved to make a difference. At the same time they may also be experiencing the difficulty of reconciling past dreams that are no longer possible, finding the strength to create new dreams, and to summon the courage to pursue them.

It’s an important conversation and a transition that currently many feel they must face alone. Linda’s courage to be vulnerable and to share her journey is sure to bring inspiration to all those who find themselves a little bit older with well earned life experience, and who refuse to believe that the best part of their life is behind them. As Linda says, "It's never too late!"

One Week Job: USA is set to launch in Summer 2012. Leading up to Week #1, Linda will be blogging at about her reflections, inspirations, musings, etc. as she prepares for the start of her adventure.

- Sean

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