'Show Us Your 'Stache' Contest Winners!

One Week Job is proud to announce the winners of the Movember 'Show Us Your 'Stache' Contest - put on by Doc Op. A HUGE congratulations to Andie Saunders and Terry Easlick, for their amazing Mo's!

Doc Op describes themselves as: "a global community of activists, NGOs, documentary film makers and enthusiasts built with the intention of turning global ideas and films into local action."

The winners of the Movember contest won their very own copy of the One Week Job Documentary, and should receive their prize in the mail very soon.

Thanks for everyone who participated - we look forward to a fresh crop of Mo's next Movember!

"How Has Blogging Impacted Your Life?" - Contest At Brazen Careerist

Photo by code poet

The folks over at Brazen Careerist have kicked off a contest highlighting the impact that blogging has had on our lives. A ticket to SXSW Interactive (huge media summit) is up for grabs valued at $425.

To enter, you must write a post on your blog about how blogging has impacted your life before December 12, 2008.

Read all the details here at Brazen Careerist.

I remember not more than five years ago when Ian, Karen (Ian’s wife), and I started a travel blogging website - blogs seemed so foreign to most people.

When I explained the concept of having a travel blog to others, my first question would be, “Well, do you know what a 'blog' is?” Most people would say “No” and so I’d then have to explain the concept of blogs. Web + Log = Web Log = Blog.

Now they seem so commonplace that asking such a question may insult the other person, “Of course I know what a blog is!”

Blogging has hugely impacted my life over the past year with the start of the One Week Job project. There’s no way I would have been able to contact so many people, set up the different jobs, and then share my experience with countless others had it not been for the introduction of blogs.

How has it impacted you? Share your story and maybe win some free stuff - we all love free stuff!