6 Best Blogs For Helping You Find A Passionate Career

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When you're struggling to find your passion, sometimes it helps to have encouragement along the way.

With that in mind, Ian and I have been sifting through endless websites to bring you the top 6 blogs for helping you find your perfect career, or at least help you in the right direction.

So here they are, drum roll please... (in no particular order)

1. Employee Evolution

"Employee Evolution is dedicated to helping the millennial generation answer the hard-hitting questions that come with the biggest transition of our lives."

While visually, the website delivers a simple design, the content is worth it. Employee Evolution speaks to the Gen-Y culture with conviction and helpful hints and tips for finding your career passion.

2. Brazen Careerist

Part of the Brazen Careerist blog group, Penelope Trunk began her post-secondary life as a professional beach volleyball player and since then she's been through an acquisition, an IPO and bankruptcy and come back to become a columnist for the Boston Globe.

Her blog delivers advice "at the intersection between work and life" concisely and efficiently while coming from a refreshing female perspective.

3. Pursue The Passion

A website designed to attack the problem that nearly 50% of the population is not satisfied with their job, and addresses the issue by interviewing people who are propelled by a love for their work. The website is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate while delivering the information promised in the title.

4. The Happiness Project

A comprehensive look at what it could take to make each of us happy, and while most of us see "the feel better formula" as a bit too inside the box, Gretchen acts as an insightful compass for the direction of your passion.

5. My Gen Y Life

"Impressions and happenings of a twenty-something career gal" Melanie Lopez writes about a lighter, humorous look at life spent within the confines of an office, while offering helpful tips about a life on salary including, "The Secret to Winning Over Your Boss" and "How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant."

6. Escape From Corporate America

An easy to navigate website with larger than life wisdom on how to retreat from a life in a cubicle. Slightly deterring, are the numerous esoteric mentions of the NBC hit "The Office," but if you love the show and everything it represents then this may just be your haven.

"Our work lives are too long. We can't sit in a job we don't like for fifty years, it makes no sense. If we hate our jobs, we have to leave them, that's our responsibility to ourselves." -Paul Lieberstein (Toby Flenderson, The Office)

Do you have any favourite "find your passion" blogs we missed? Share in the comments!