One Week Job Surpasses $3500 In Documentary Funding

Outdoor skating makes me pump my fist in the air!Photo: Outdoor skating last week while filming in Edmonton

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we've now passed $3500 in doc funding. This is a huge milestone! Sean and I are supremely grateful for your dollars and every bit helps us bring the One Week Job doc closer to completion.

For those that wish to support us in other ways, check out 6 ways you can help spread the word.

Last week Sean and I were in Edmonton shooting an interview with Henri Ferguson of Lotus Soul Gym (for those who remember Sean's week as a yoga instructor).

I've also shot interviews with Sean's parents, sister, friends, and also an interview with Sean himself. This means 90% of the shooting is complete. I've also managed 25% of the initial edit - which means we're right on track for a summer 2009 release.

Doesn't get more exciting than that!