generation we

Generation We Is Coming

[hattip This Buried Life]

Are you prepared for the Generation We revolution? According to the above video, it's coming - hot on the heels of the cynicism that permeated the 90's.

It's no longer cool not to care. The coming generation has realized the stakes are too high to leave in others' hands. They've decided to get involved. To use our power and opportunity to change the old paradigm.

In many ways, this is what One Week Job is all about. With respect paid to our parents for creating a cushion of stability, our goal is to redefine our relationship to work.

The old thinking says, "Work has to be hard. It's not meant to be enjoyable. You can do what you really want when you're retired."

The new thinking says, "Work and passion are not mutually exclusive. Life is not retirement. Life is right now."

Check the Generation We for more info and download the free e-book.