The Inspiring Story Of Ernie Kasper

At the recent screening of the One Week Job film in Surrey, Canada, Sean and Ian had the pleasure of meeting Ernie Kasper. Ernie Kasper was, by all accounts, a healthy, happy, and energetic young man.  He had a loving wife, an animated daughter, and a precious, newborn son. However, shortly after the birth of his second child, Ernie suffered what doctors thought impossible; he had a stroke.

Ernie lost the ability to speak and his walking became awkward and disjointed.  Doctors refused to believe that someone so young and fit could endure such a diagnosis, but there was no denying the trauma that Ernie's body was going through.

Even though his days were filled with hurt and confusion as to why this had happened to him, Ernie realized that the best way to deal with his condition was to not let it stop him from living.  

Day by day, through intense physical and mental anguish, he taught himself to walk. And not only has Ernie learned to limp, skip, and walk again since his stroke -  but he has actually ran. 37 km in fact, and he's not stopping there.

Ernie's attitude is incredible. Everyday he consciously chooses to set an example for other stroke victims, by refusing to believe that something wrong with his body can stop his spirit.  As he puts it, 'When life hands you lemons - make apple juice.  That will always make people wonder!'

Check out Ernie's thoughts after seeing One Week Job.

Watch Ernie's Journey

Living The Map: Daniel Seddiqui Works 50 Jobs In 50 States

Living the MapFollowing in the footsteps of Sean's project, a new seeker is searching for his passion. Daniel Seddiqui is crossing the US, sampling different careers and cultures, and blogging about the experience on his site Living The Map.

In his own words, Daniel writes:

The objective is to travel all 50 states to work 50 different careers in 50 weeks. Sound Crazy? I'm on a mission to explore various careers, environments, and cultures that America has to offer. I will explore the lifestyle that each state has to offer by choosing one career per state; a career that is popular and represents that state.

While Sean's journey unrolled organically from week to week, Daniel has things a bit more prepared. He spent months leading up to his trip securing paid and non-paid positions (so far he's confirmed 35).

He's also up-front about his desire to chronicle his adventure in a book.

My inspiration to travel the country and work various careers comes from the people. Whenever I travel, I am intrigued where people live where they live and work where they work. Nothing is more appealing than the contrasts.

Daniel is now in Week 6 of his career journey. So far he's worked in a Mormon temple in Utah, as a rodeo announcer in South Dakota, a hydrologist in Colorado, and a Cartographer in North Dakota.

Congrats on taking the leap Dan! And best of luck on your journey.