Vancouver Premiere Sold Out + Photo Gallery

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On the drive out to the theatre on Saturday morning, with the churning anxiety in my stomach that comes from throwing any large event, I remarked to Sean, "You know... it's so much easier not to do things."

Of course, the appropriate answer came soon after. "But then, it's more fun to actually do them." And with that, we proceeded into the afternoon flurry of activity that was the Vancouver premiere of One Week Job.

Thanks to you, dear supporter, we SOLD OUT the event entirely, even having to turn a few people away at the door. It was more than we could have hoped for, and even more fulfilling than expected. We raised $500 to donate towards Steps Over Swaziland, an upcoming project aimed at helping orphans in Africa.

Sean and I would also like to give a huge THANK YOU to the sponsors and partners that made the event possible:

Also thanks to Karly Warkentin and musical guests who played to the audience before the show.

Missed the film? You can buy your own spankin' copy of the One Week Job film right here!

The premiere was the kick-off for our cross-Canada "Discover Your Passion" Tour hitting campuses across the country from Jan-April.

We'll be posting video updates, photos, and blogs during the tour, so stay in touch via the Facebook Page, or signup to our newsletter on the top-right.