Week Five Announced - Columnist For 24hrs

24hrs logoStarting tomorrow I will be working as a columnist for the Vancouver 24hrs, a daily newspaper published in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. I will be writing about One Week Job type themes that I have previously touched upon. cialiscouponcard Such as: the idea of 'sheepwalking' through life, making a commitment for passion, trade-off between money and happiness, my generation, interviewing upcoming graduates as to why they think our generation is seemingly having difficulty deciding on a career path, how they see their future relationship between their careers and social lives... etc.

If you have any other ideas or comments on these topics, I would love to hear them. Leave a comment, email me or now you can give me a call!

Yesterday, I got my first cell phone ever! Feel free to call me anytime with your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, offers, or even just to say hello:) Here is my number: 416-735-9335