Exhausted In The Rockies

lake-louise.JPGI arrived safe and sound in Lake Louise this afternoon after hitch hiking from Calgary. I got a tour of the resort today and was introduced to I don't know how many people. Poor Rebeckah, the resorts Event Coordinator, who had to explain One Week Job to each person she introduced me to. (I thought I would let someone else sound like a broken record for a change) Everyone at the resort is super nice and it is going to be a really great week! I got set up with my snowboard, boots, snow gear and even have a my own staff season's pass!

The only problem is that I think I may be getting sick. The throat is starting to hurt and I am not feeling the greatest. Not good timing and I feel bad not having as much energy as I should when meeting new people and starting a new job. I guess everything is finally catching up to me, but I am going to head to bed early tonight and get some vitamin C in me.

After leaving the Slomp family dairy farm in Rimbey, Alberta for Week Eight, I headed back to Edmonton and spent the night there. That night I was cruising down Whyte Ave and was in the middle of the street trying to hail down a cab for a couple of people when a random guy walked up to me and with a sly smile said "So what makes you think you get to do all the fun jobs?" I laughed, and then he said "somebody's go to do the crappy ones." Thinking back to my last job, he may have been speaking literally.

If you are in the Lake Louise area and are coming to Snow Episode this weekend (and you should), be sure to give me a shout and we will meet up!